【PICMET’14 国際学会での論文発表】7月30日

研究会 2014年8月7日 posted浅井 政美 【PICMET’14 国際学会での論文発表】7月30日 はコメントを受け付けていません

平成26年7月30日(木)にPICMET’14の「R&D Management‐2」セッションで、論文『An Index of R&D Productivity: To Estimate R&D Contribution for Profit』を発表した。


アブストラクト:Some indexes of R&D productivity have existed such as sales vs. R&D expense, operating income vs. R&D expense, and they are used for relative evaluation among competitors, etc.Though top managements would like to know the contribution of R&D expense to sales andprofit in a company, the above indexes are not satisfied for them. It is an issue as to how R&D expense contributes sales and profit by using appropriate indexes. This paper presentsan index of R&D productivity to use the R&D contribution for profit. At first, contribution profit is calculated, and then the contribution profit is divided into two parts, one is R&D,M contribution and the other is Non-R&D,M contribution. Finally, technology development/product development/research contribution becomes clear. As a result, the contribution of R&D for profit is represented as an index of R&D productivity. It is important to compare the current index with the past index of R&D productivity.

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